5 Interesting Ways to Handle Paranoia When Dating

Photo Credit: Mashable

Photo Credit: Mashable

Paranoia Case #1: You love it when you two exchange text messages more often.  But each time he sends you one-liner or one-word messages, a lot of thoughts come into your mind.  Is he okay?  Did I offend him?  Should I send him a follow up message to explain what I meant with my previous message?

Paranoia Case #2: He comes home giving the cold shoulder.  When he responds to your stories, he simply gives you his puzzling one-word or one-question/one-answer responses.  Is there someone else?  Did he just fall out of love?  Am I no longer someone that he looks forward to seeing at the end of his day?

Paranoia Case #3: While out on a date, you felt like he had eyes for tall and slender women, which you are not.  Not that you are chubby, you just have curves in the proper places and that’s something those women he looks at , don’t have.  Gosh! Is he no longer attracted to me?


The list would actually go longer than what’s been enumerated above.  Regardless of the source, situation, or circumstances, each case of paranoia comes from  common causes.  Most origins include overanalyzing, insecurities, low self-esteem, lack of self confidence, and fear of losing their man.  And simply saying “stop being paranoid” is not enough to handle a womanly problem like this.  That’s absolutely easier said than done.  The key is to overpower paranoia; that is, mind over matter.

Avoid social media as much as possible  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will allow you to see his updates, his whereabouts,, his activities, and who’s with him.  Checking his accounts will only add to your worries, so it’s best to avoid these sites as much as you can.  Check in once in a while to like sensible posts.  But never check to investigate your man’s accounts.  Even if he’s your guy, he still deserves a bit of privacy.

Fulfill multiple roles in his life.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds.  Try to become the BFF whom he can confide everything that he thinks and feels to. Then also try to become his personal mistress who is carefree, wild, and feisty.  But of course, master your role of being the love of his life.  Avoid acting like his mother or nanny.  Girls who behave this way towards their man are living proof of a woman’s paranoia, anxiety, and insecurities.  Love him like you’re a new person in his life.

Pin up your heart and dry up your tears.  Women are typically emotional creatures.  As a matter of fact, women tend to behave as if their heart rules over their head.  Men can’t always relate with this side of women.   So avoid all the drama and stop being overly sensitive.  Every once in a while, especially when faced with suspicions, petty things, and  fear, it’s best to close that heart of yours and allow your brain to do its job.

Resist the urge to know everything  According to William S. Burroughs, “sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.”  Knowing everything will not always earn you a Girlfriend of the Year award.  Not knowing everything will not make you less of a woman either.  In fact, sometimes it’s best to not know everything just to make things interesting.  So avoid making him feel like you know everything he does or doesn’t know yet.

Don’t always hold expectations over him.  The equation is very simple: less expectation, less stress, less paranoia.  It’s that simple!  On the other hand, you will give your man a bit of a breather when you don’t put a lot of stress on him to fulfill his obligations strictly because  you don’t want any reason to doubt him.

In any relationship while worries, doubts, and insecurities are normal, they can be totally disastrous when not handled properly.  By following the above advice, it will be a lot easier to follow all other advice for you to cope and handle paranoia in your most welcoming and effective state.  It’s time to welcome the new you – free from worry, stress, and the ill effects of unnecessary paranoia.

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