5 Life Lessons From Being the Older Sibling


Having a younger brother has its inconveniences and perks at times. On the one hand, I have someone who often takes precedence over my priorities. On the other hand, I have someone who I can guilt trip into doing me favors. Nonetheless, there are certain things you learn in life that can only come from being an older sibling.


Life can be unfair.
Whenever you get in trouble, your younger sibling could be half or fully responsible but you take half or full blame anyway because “you’re the older one who’s supposed to be more responsible.” As stated previously, you also have to make certain sacrifices when it comes to having fun such as not going to your friend’s party because you have to stay with your precious little brother/sister. Lastly, just when you think you can get away with something, your big-mouthed younger sibling always gives you away.

You inevitably become your parents.
When your parents are not around and you are left in charge of your younger sibling, you find yourself saying and doing things exactly like your parents. “Did you eat lunch?” “Cookies do not count as lunch.” “Here, I’ll fix you something.” “A ‘thank you’ would be nice.” It’s scary sometimes. All that effort of not being entirely like them, and it was going to happen anyways.

If you can take criticism from family, you can take it anywhere.
Part of the sibling job description is banter and rivalry. I don’t know about your siblings, but my younger brother can dish out smart remarks just as much as I can. When I asked him if he thought I was pretty, he told me, “Uhh, you’re not ugly.” Having that kind of criticism so close to home on almost a daily basis makes it easier to give and take criticism anywhere else.

Your actions affect those around you.
As the older sibling, you have this added pressure of being a role model. You can often see an immediate reflection of your strengths and flaws in your younger siblings because they are consciously or subconsciously influenced by you. Sometimes it’s a validation for you to keep doing what you’re doing. Other times, it’s a good wake up call for you to change your attitude and actions.

Forgiving is important.
When you get into arguments or even fights with each other, you can’t stop being siblings. You also live under the same roof and have to deal with each other everyday. With proper parental counseling (and minor threats of punishment), you learn to lower your pride and ego, apologize for your actions, and forgive each other out of love. You learn to work through differences and how to get along again. Your younger sibling is probably going to be the person you forgive the most in your life.

At some point, you have accepted that no matter what, you will never stop caring, guiding, protecting, bantering, sacrificing, driving around, and buying stuff for your younger sibling(s). You are aware that you’re destined to be their guardian forever. After all, you only have each other in the end.

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