5 Reasons Why Crafting is a Lifestyle


Crafting can be a lifestyle.  Or it’s my lifestyle, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say crafting IS a lifestyle.  My artsy-fartsy parents encouraged creative hobbies, so as a result my sister can doodle anything off the top of her head and I can craft my way out of anything as long as a pencil isn’t involved.

My grandmother is a big inspiration of mine as the queen of crafts such as woodworking, crochet, jewelry making, and recycling anything into something beautiful.  It’s no surprise I’ve kept my crafty hobbies up over the years, but not just because it’s a fun thing that passes the time at home since “the outside” and all those “people” can be scary and frankly stupid sometimes.  I’ve kept at it because it makes me happy just like any other person’s hobby does for them.

To broaden my crafty life for more than just myself, I started a crafty / inspirational hobby blogwhatmandyloves.com last year to spread my love of stuff and things that make me happy including crafts (although most of my page views come from Russian spam bots… please look at my blog).

So what makes a person like me love crafting so much?  Why do we do what we do?

It’s an escape from whatever’s bothering us.

Regardless of what childhood you were brought up in or what life you currently have, all crafters see their projects and hobbies as an escape from “the bad stuff.”  I was really into plastic canvas and painting as a teenager because EVERYTHING SUCKS and LIFE ISN’T FAIR but at least I can make a really pretty tissue box cover.

It’s a way to recycle, reduce, and reuse to benefit ourselves, others, and the planet.

Crafters find many rewarding benefits for themselves and others through their hobbies.  There are too many thrifty items out there that can use a good home, a coat of paint, or a complete re-do for us to consider buying so many “new” things.  Making things as presents for people or to sell for money has many emotional and financial rewards.  The planet thanks us for not using as many resources, too.

Physically stimulating hobbies can be the WORST.

Not all crafters are homebodies who can’t do a jumping jack or run up stairs to save their lives.  There are plenty of crafters who sky dive, rock climb, run marathons, etc, and ALSO do cool crafty hobby things, but sometimes we just don’t wanna break (much of) a sweat or leave the house, or move our bodies too much.  We get our mental stimulation on!  By focusing all of our attention on short or long term projects in a contained environment, our fulfillment comes from our minds and our hands in creating our masterpieces from a few supplies into something awesome.

Most of the time, it’s not expensive.

I mentioned thrifting earlier, which is just a money saver in itself compared to those who only buy new stuff.  Some of us get a rush out of finding something cheap and turning it into something that looks expensive (or can be priced as such with all that manpower behind it) to give or to sell.  Some of us spend a bunch of money on our crafty hobbies.  But all of us realize that crafting is most likely less expensive than yacht sailing or fine dining.  Those sailors and foodies can have their hobbies and all their money if they have it.  We’ll have ours, usually on the cheap.

It boosts creativity and inspiration everywhere else in our lives and other people’s lives.

Let’s just say us crafters don’t get bored often where there’s always something to make in any art form.  All that mental stimulation from crafting really gets our imagination and inspiration pumps flowing!  Some of us are so inspired by our crafts that we turn it into a full-time career.  Some of us channel their crafty juices into other creative hobbies like design, writing, acting, etc.  There’s always something that catches our eye to get us going.

Why do you craft?  What kind of crafts do you partake in?  Crafters UNITE!

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Mandy is a content manager and designer by day, and crafter/hobby writer/thinker by night. Her relationship with her cat, giraffes, music, and caffeine are borderline unhealthy, but nothing stops her from speaking her mind and “making things look pretty.” She mans two blogs in her spare time, whatmandythinks and whatmandyloves. See All of Mandy's Posts

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