6 Reasons You Should be Friends With a Writer

Photo Credit: Mises Ca

Photo Credit: Mises Ca

Whether it’s in advertising, journalism, or literature, the life of a writer is filled with little idiosyncrasies the world has to deal with. Hence, you need a certain je ne sais quoi to befriend one. For the most part, you’ll find us entertaining and interesting. Being friends with a writer can give you a different perspective on life through words, language, and wit.

You’ll see the pun in life.
Or at least hear it. We almost always take every opportunity to use puns. (Example above.) Although, some of us enjoy using puns way more than others. Yes, it can get cheesy sometimes. (Okay, most of the time.) But in order to be witty, you need to understand words, their meanings, and the many ways they can work together. Puns is just the first step to being witty, clever, and facetious.

Consider us your human thesaurus.
Having trouble thinking of a word? We’ll most likely fill in exactly what you’re thinking in a matter of seconds. We’ll even have at least two synonyms ready for you if you want to evoke a different connotation. Ironically, we have so many words in our arsenal that we sometimes find it difficult to choose the right one to use ourselves. This can and will frustrate us most of the time because it needs to be perfect. #HumanThesaurusProblems.

You’ll learn to appreciate language more.
Going off of the previous point, the words we use need to be perfect because we value the meaning every word has. Every noun, pronoun, adjective, and adverb has its purpose; not only by the space they take up on a page, but through their meaning. The subtle differences are absolutely critical. Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada expounded the nuances between the colors blue, turquoise, lapis, and cerulean. Similarly, the nuances between happy, joyful, radiant, and ecstatic make a difference.

Beware of the grammar police.
Just how what words you use matters, grammar is also important. Grammar is one of the first things we look at to gauge one’s intellect. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it, you will be constantly reminded of proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling which in turn, will make you a better person overall. (That may be an exaggeration.) What makes it even worse or better, again it depends on how you look at it, is most of our grammar, punctuation, and spelling is based on preferences. From AP style versus Chicago style to American English versus British English, be prepared for some heated and passionate debates. #OxfordCommasFTW.

Get ready for story time all the time.
We don’t simply give a quick rundown of details. As often as we can, we like to build up the retelling of life’s events in as much detail and emotion as possible. At times this can be obnoxious, but other times it’s captivating and we do the story justice. Depending on our field of writing, it’s our job and nature to know a little bit about everything. We also pour a bit of ourselves into our writing and stories. So you’re almost always guaranteed to be entertained and educated about some of the most random things.

You’ll think more deeply of the world.
It’s a beautiful thing when we find the perfect combination of words to create a meaningful sentence. (Don’t be alarmed by our reactions when we jot down ideas.) Only we know the emotional turmoil and struggle it takes to arrive at such perfection. So we also make note of when we see a great use of words, which most non-writers miss. We catch the clever lines in a commercial. We notice the use of grammar on a sign. We hear the potency in the lyrics of a song. This is how we perceive the world. The best part: we share everything we find with you.

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