8 Ways My Life Got Better By Sharing My Deep Thoughts Online


1. My writing got better.

Some of the world’s greatest writers recommend writing even when you’re not inspired. By forcing myself to deliver weekly/monthly blogs, my writing and thinking got significantly better. It’s kind of fun (not really) to see my progression from my first blog on Never What You Think to now. Also, keeping a blog inspired me to look at and learn from other blogs and writing styles. After all, you write what you read.


2. I’ve learned that I’m not alone. I’m human.

I am the type of person to always ask for other people’s opinions to understand something more deeply. Having guest bloggers, discussions, and asking strangers to share their thoughts allowed me to understand just how different and similar we all are. There’s no way I can experience everything there is to experience in this world, so the next best thing is absorbing the life experiences of others. Most importantly, this confirmed that I’m not alone in the things I think, feel, and do.


3. Writing helps me heal and find purpose.

Everyone has their own cathartic activity to deal with life’s triumphs and tribulations. For me, it has always been talking and writing things out. From a breakup to lost connections to frustrations, I have shared some of my most raw emotions on this blog. It has become a part of my healing and thinking process where I pull out my deepest thoughts and arrange them into words to think more clearly, ultimately finding a way for me to come to terms with whatever is on my mind.


4. There are lessons and deep thoughts everywhere.

From the most ordinary things we do to societal constructs to movies, there is always something we can question to make us more intellectual individuals. All we have to do is start by asking, “Why?”


5. Being a leader is better than being a manager.

I am endlessly grateful to have had two amazing people, Jonathan Seligman and Jessica Morales, stand behind me and believe in Never What You Think. In return, I’ve tried to treat my team as best as I can with compassion and understanding. Whenever you get put in a high position, always opt to be a leader, not a manager. One of my favorite quotes is: A manager makes you feel like they’re important. A leader makes you feel like you’re important.


6. I’ve found a balance with social media.

A topic we’ve always delved into on NWYT is social media/technology and relationships. It’s the epitome of this generation. By talking about it and challenging it, I’ve learned that neither extreme of technology and social media usage is healthy to function in the 21st century. We need a balance of both online and offline communication. It’s tough, but remember that you’re in control of what you use and how you use it.


7. I know I can make anything happen for me.

Never What You Think started off as a mantra I created and promoted on my MySpace banner (kudos to those who know what I’m talking about). I wanted to do something about it and here is proof that I made something out of nothing, and followed through with a goal/dream of mine. Now I know for sure that I can do it again with anything I feel passionate about. From now on, I know that I can and should always follow my passions.


8. I’ve come to accept that nothing lasts forever.

Things can change in 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 2 minutes, or even 2 seconds. In the 2 years and 8 months of giving my all to NWYT, my life has changed for the better. I don’t know how I would’ve dealt with some of the life events that happened to me without NWYT. As a nostalgic and emotional person, writing my thoughts and feelings out on NWYT has helped me address one of my biggest personal drawbacks. As you can see in most of my blogs, I tend to try to hold on to things or yearn for the way things used to be, especially when it came to my personal connection with others. Despite being someone who is quite good at improvising, I embrace change even more now. The main lesson I’ve learned from this journey is that nothing lasts forever and that’s completely okay.


An important part of dealing with letting go is accepting when something has reached its end. Unfortunately, that time has come for Never What You Think. It has been a great ride, and I’m thankful for this experience. It has helped us grow, touched our lives, and touched other people’s lives. So it wasn’t for nothing. All that matters is that it was all worth it. It’s a valuable part of us that we’ll both be taking on our next journey!

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Ronnell is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of NWYT. She is a copywriter by day, a performer by night, and a triathlete by weekend. She loves Disney, musicals, eating, YouTube videos, list-making, and the colors pink and gray too much for her own good. See All of Ronnell’s Posts

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