About NWYT

Never What You Think is a community rooted in deeper thinking, encouraging others to share their innermost candid thoughts about life. From relationships to today’s generation and careers to entertainment, we challenge clichés, debate morals, and question the status quo. By expressing our deepest thoughts, stories, and feelings with conviction and compassion, we discover life’s hidden truths and better understand what it truly means to be human. More importantly, we find that we’re not alone in our search for meaning.

The phrase “Never What You Think” was created in 2008 as the mantra of Co-Founder, Ronnell Morris. Inspired by the expression “it’s not what you think,” the phrase means that we shouldn’t go by the initial thoughts we have about people, situations, and life itself. Instead, think beyond what’s on the surface, embrace their complexities, and accept that we never really know what life has in store for us.

Four years later, Co-Founder and long-time friend, Jonathan Seligman joined forces with Ronnell in finally putting the online community into motion. While they share the same goals for NWYT, his differing personality helped mold its foundation into something stronger and more expansive than Ronnell had envisioned. Thanks to their dynamic, Never What You Think has flourished from a mere concept into a steady growing community.

Shortly after its launch, Jessica Morales, a mutual friend of Ronnell and Jon, became an active supporter of NWYT. After countless hours of guest blogging, outreaching, and sometimes mediating, she officially joined the team from 2014-2015. She used her altruism and enthusiasm for anthropology to help establish NWYT beyond the online community, and fostered involvement with causes, non-profits, and campus organizations.

Unfortunately, Ronnell and Jon could no longer upkeep the community due to career growth opportunities and personal reasons. As of August 2015, NWYT is no longer active. Thank you to everyone for their support during this journey. This has touched our lives as much as it has touched yours.