Going Inside Inside Out: The Importance of Sadness

DISCLAIMER: THERE ARE [A LOT OF] SPOILERS IN THIS BLOG FOR DISNEY PIXAR’S INSIDE OUT Last month, Disney Pixar released its latest film Inside Out. While geared towards its main audience and has their typical whimsical and warm feel, I argue that this film is not a typical Pixar film. The story revolves around change […]

5 Ways You Will Better Yourself With A Second Language

I am one-fourth Croatian and three-fourths a bunch of other white people, mostly European. I grew up hearing a few Croatian and Polish words from my dad’s side of the family. My grandmother on my mom’s side is fluent in French. I have aunts who married into my family from China and Taiwan. Spanish is […]

Information Overload—What Causes Our Minds to Be Less Sharp

Whether we realize it or not, we are fed so much information every day. Think about all the gossip one must sift through as they check their Facebook feed. Think about the plethora of hours one has spent in classes absorbing all that information, both useful and not-so-useful. Think about the loads of YouTube videos […]

Dare to Suck Big: A Life Lesson From Improv Comedy

In the world of improv comedy, anything can happen. When anything can happen, you need to choose what will happen. Otherwise, there is no show. The “Yes, And” The first and foremost principle you learn in improv is the “yes, and.” There have been recent articles and books on how this concept can apply to […]

Are Tattoos No Longer Taboo?

When my happy-go-lucky liberal parents were kids, those who chose body art like tattoos had a shadow cast upon them. Tattoos were for thugs, criminals, and “loose” individuals regardless of the symbolism, amount, or size of the design(s). A tattoo was a “taboo” thing that only taboo people wanted. It was harder to get a […]

Why Does the 21st Century Suck At [Post-]Labels?

Is it just me, or does the 21st century confuse everyone greatly?  Take the ideas of labels, for example.  Titles, boundaries, statuses—if anything, this era takes great pride in doing away with these pieces of frivolous nonsense.  That said, not only does our generation have its own arsenal of labels, but they have the most […]

What Does Snapchat Say About Our Culture?

In Tibet, Buddhist monks participate in a religious art called “dul-tson-kyil-khor” (or commonly known as “sand mandalas”).  Monks participate in this tradition as a way of healing the environment and the world around.  For example, 20 Tibetan monks came to Washington DC to build a sand mandala following the 11 September attacks to provide healing […]

What is True Love?

Lust vs Love. Love vs In Love. Romantic Love vs Platonic Love. With so many different ways to love, one type of love baffles me the most – true love. True Love’s What?! As a Disney fanatic and a sucker for chick flicks, I grew up hearing and believing in “one true love” and “true love’s […]

Art Inspires Life (Or, Why Art vs. Science is a False Dichotomy)

So, it’s 2015. You know what that means, right? It means, this is the year we get our flying cars, Black & Decker food hydrators, and of course, our hoverboards! …well, we only got one of those but the year’s still young. But really, this new milestone does bring up something interesting. I’ve got a […]

Our Life is Not on a Strict Schedule (And How Monsters U Taught Me That)

CAUTION: This blog discusses movie spoilers. If you haven’t seen Monster’s University yet, you might want to check it out first, it’s definitely worth a watch. When I was younger I was concerned with being prepared, with keeping up, and with hitting the right milestones at the right time. I wanted to be a doctor. […]