Dare to Suck Big: A Life Lesson From Improv Comedy

In the world of improv comedy, anything can happen. When anything can happen, you need to choose what will happen. Otherwise, there is no show. The “Yes, And” The first and foremost principle you learn in improv is the “yes, and.” There have been recent articles and books on how this concept can apply to […]

Math & Me: The Complicated Formula for Finding Love

I’ve never been great at math. Sure, the average arithmetic and algebra make (enough) sense to me, but anxiety sets in when the subject turns to statistics. Ask me to convert a z score to an x value given a certain probability or what the degrees of freedom are from an F-distribution, and I only […]

Why Does the 21st Century Suck At [Post-]Labels?

Is it just me, or does the 21st century confuse everyone greatly?  Take the ideas of labels, for example.  Titles, boundaries, statuses—if anything, this era takes great pride in doing away with these pieces of frivolous nonsense.  That said, not only does our generation have its own arsenal of labels, but they have the most […]

Why I Love (and Hate) Birthdays

As another year comes to a close, there’s a Baby New Year celebrating a birthday.  And so is the author of this particular blog post. I was born Amanda Christina Norman at 8:48am on December 31st, 1989 with no idea how rough yet wonderful it will be to be born on such a day.  (My […]

Being Smart About Quick Wit

We’ve all been there.  A bully picks on you and you’re too scared to fight back even with words.  Maybe a bit of repartee would put them in their place.  Those witty catch phrases and/or put-downs written in scripts and books alike turn the tables on any situation for the opponent.  If only we could […]

Why Some of the Funniest People Battle the Darkest Demons

After Robin Williams’ death this past summer, it appalled me to see people shocked that a comedian would commit suicide. What, why?! He seemed so happy. He was so funny. First of all, we don’t know what inner turmoil he was going through. Second, the fact that he was a comedian sadly makes his death more plausible. […]

5 Interesting Ways to Handle Paranoia When Dating

Paranoia Case #1: You love it when you two exchange text messages more often.  But each time he sends you one-liner or one-word messages, a lot of thoughts come into your mind.  Is he okay?  Did I offend him?  Should I send him a follow up message to explain what I meant with my previous […]

5 Reasons Why Crafting is a Lifestyle

Crafting can be a lifestyle.  Or it’s my lifestyle, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say crafting IS a lifestyle.  My artsy-fartsy parents encouraged creative hobbies, so as a result my sister can doodle anything off the top of her head and I can craft my way out of anything as long as […]

6 Reasons You Should be Friends With a Writer

Whether it’s in advertising, journalism, or literature, the life of a writer is filled with little idiosyncrasies the world has to deal with. Hence, you need a certain je ne sais quoi to befriend one. For the most part, you’ll find us entertaining and interesting. Being friends with a writer can give you a different […]

Can We Save This Generation From the #Selfie?

Something happened in this generation that I can’t seem to fathom. Between the over-sharing on social networks and the convenience of technology, the “selfie” was born. And it is a rather disturbingly accurate representation of how this generation behaves. Granted, self-portraiture has been around since the 19th century. But for the most part, I don’t […]