Dealing With Change

Change – in frequency – is starkly normal to me compared to most. As mentioned in a previous post about Embracing Your Inner Outcast, my parents moved my sister and I around a lot. I’ve passed through multiple schools in different states with friends clustered in all parts of the country. Family was always at least a half-a-day’s car trip or plane ride away. My role models around me, through society and pop culture, campaign for constant change by always changing hair colors, weight loss, career flip-flops, divorces, moving away, getting married, having kids, coming out, etc. as if it’s an everyday thing to want change for yourself and “staying the same” is bad. Even Obama used the word for a slogan in running for President.

I’ll never know what it’s like to live in the same town all my life with the same group of people I’ve known since diaper days, but at least I know those people also go through some change like the rest of us do. I embrace the fact that no matter how much stays the same, change will always happen whether we know it occurs, like when it occurs, or care that it even happens.

Do you embrace each chapter you go through in your life or desperately hang on to that page before it turns? Despite everything I’ve shared, I don’t always handle change well. My sister’s wedding, for example, was strange and hard to go through as an older sister since she’s still that little kid in my mind, not that grown woman who walked down that aisle.

My parents are getting older and people are dying, and I just don’t find that part of life fair. The change in my perspective, from living with the parents and going to school each year to the “real world” on my own with a schedule I dictate for myself, is another struggle I’m still trying to keep up with years after its initial starting point. When something that was always the same turns into something different for better or worse, it’s never easy.

There’s a release that needs to be practiced in order for change to happen in an easier, more acceptable way. Just let life flow like water in a river. It’s constantly moving through channels to larger bodies of stillness, then rushes back out again. Know that every single one of us goes through changes of all sizes and circumstances. Not all changes can be scheduled or pre-planned, especially the ones that take us by surprise.

Similarity can be comforting, but change can be fun and even exciting. Even me, the flag-waver of change, can read those sentences and still know that these words are easier said than done. It’s all up to your ability to let life go as it pleases unless you wish to trap yourself into a hole of sameness, boringness, and stubbornness that is unhealthy for you and those around you. It’s a natural human thing to change. Let life take its course and change will be easier to swallow whether you know it’s happening or not.

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