Entitlement to Education

Photo Credit: galleryhip.com

Photo Credit: galleryhip.com

Throughout our lives we get accustomed to free education. Think elementary school, middle school and high school. If you want to continue your education, there is a slight culture shock for continuing onto community college. You might hear grumblings in the hallway about the price they are paying for their quarter’s units.

There is an even bigger culture shock for continuing onto a University. You go from free education, to entire salaries per year in costs. Everyone is complaining about tuition fees, all the time. It’s pretty common. Even those who take out student loans and won’t have to worry about paying till after they graduate complain. I do agree that at some point the cost is too high, but also keep in mind that those who went to school ten, twenty years ago complained as well.

For many, graduating from a University isn’t enough to get them that dream job they always hoped for. They quickly realize that there is simply too much competition. Everyone who went to college and graduated wants that entry level job at that great company. It can get you mad and frustrated after so many rejections. Aren’t you entitled to a good job after graduating? Apparently not!

The answer is to differentiate yourself from the pack. You might need to take a few additional courses at a community college, start a project or volunteer at a company and/or non-profit. This shows initiative. All these cost additional money. Those that don’t wish to do this extra work hide behind feelings of entitlement to a free education. They hoped for a free magic carpet ride to a good job.

The thing is, nobody is entitled to anything. Everything in this life must be worked for. If you educate yourself further, yes, you have to pay for those books on Amazon and yes, you have to pay for those online courses.

We’ve grown up with this entitled point of view to to education. Yes, sometimes education can seem too expensive, but it’s not entirely wrong to have to pay. Not every sort of education should be free. That’s you thinking you’re the center of the universe. If you want to do better than others, you have to be willing to endure the extra costs. It’s really that simple.

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