Everything’s Not Black and White, Live in the Gray

Photo Credit: danlessman.com

Photo Credit: danlessman.com

There seems to be a balance in almost everything. From love to politics, we’re learning that walking on the extreme ends of life’s facets is ill-advised. There is a delicate balance to everything we think, feel, say, and do. It isn’t enough to recognize that there are two sides. Even though the world divides itself into black and white, often times we must strive to take from each side, and live in the gray.

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but living in the gray goes beyond that. I may have my own views and opinions on certain things. I’m sure you do, too. But I invite people to prove me wrong or at least enlighten me with a view that I haven’t considered. Even if I don’t agree with it, I’d still like to learn about it because opinions can be valuable when shared with open minds.

Living in the gray is about looking for what is valid in people’s opinions regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, political party, religious view, economic status, etc. Again, we don’t necessarily have to agree with another view if it doesn’t jive with us. But simply knowing that views other than our own exists and why they exist, will only help us broaden our intellect, perspectives and understanding of the world’s complexity.

Hearing out someone else’s thoughts can sharpen yours. By having someone challenge your opinion, you can either have a stronger understanding of your views or become aware of things you weren’t considering, which can also build upon your ever-growing mind.

Living in the gray not only helps us be more open-minded, it also helps us open up to others. One of life’s internal struggles is being vulnerable and most of that fear is due to judgement both from others and ourselves. Speaking up about our thoughts allows us to see that being vulnerable is a good thing. It sparks meaningful conversation and debate; it develops empathy and growth; it inspires courage and new ideas.

Life has its odd ways of balance. So listen to the thoughts of those around you. Although we all have similar life experiences, no two are exactly the same. With that, advice and opinions don’t always have to come from someone elderly and/or smarter. It could come from a kid, someone off the street, or someone who isn’t quite living in the gray themselves.

Anyone, and I can’t stress it enough, anyone can have something valuable to say. But in order to determine if someone’s opinion is valuable, we need others, besides our own, to measure it up against. And the more opinions we gather, the better we’re able to find the balance in the midst of it all.

The world can be more colorful when you live in the gray.

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