Half-baked Perceptions

Photo Credit: http://washingtonpost.com/http://fssp-arpop.blogspot.com/

Photo Credit: http://washingtonpost.com / http://fssp-arpop.blogspot.com

Richard Nixon.  After reading that name, what is the first thing you think of?  Nixon’s visit to China, normalising relations between the two starkly different countries?  Nixon’s actions to better the United States’s environment (Mother Nature Network)? Or how about Nixon meeting his protesters at night, talking with them individually as they slept on Lincoln Memorial?

Probably none of the above.

Probably the first word you think of is “Watergate.”  Before I continue, I want to clarify:  I’m not trying to condone Nixon’s actions.  After all, Watergate was the closest the United States has ever had to a real scandal in a very long time.  However, there is more to President Nixon than just Watergate.  There is more to President Clinton than Monica Lewinsky.  There is more to Aaron Swartz than just MIT and suicide.

Yet how often does the media easily blacklist people, honing in on their dark attributes?  How often do they focus on the events that deteriorate one’s character just because it sells? (e.g.: “Clumsy” President Ford slipping in Michigan, Austria, and on the golf course)  And how often do we buy it?

Every human has so many facets, and it isn’t fair that we subject ourselves to only see one side.  We aren’t children, anymore—blinded by ignorance of the fact that we can damage an individual’s reputation and emotional being.  We should be past the stage of calling one “four-eyes” and seeing past the fact that they were born with weaker vision.  We should be past the stage of calling one “pork chop” for being a fat kid who fell out of a tree.  We should be past the stage of calling one a fraud because he wasn’t able to help his country when the whole world was undergoing the Great Depression.

Let us grow eyes that see the whole picture.  People aren’t made up of one part, but rather multiple pieces that fill in a puzzle.  It is easier to confine a person into a label, but every human is a beautiful individual that is worth getting to know.  Let us not grow apathetic in understanding each person, but grow ears that hear and minds that remember their whole story.

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  1. Jerry Ford missed the otnurpopity to alter the course of history by Pardoning Nixon. He created the first modern day – “Get out of Jail Free” card. It was a disastrous move, as American’s were on a roll with the Watergate hearings, and may have only taken another 3-6 months to try and convict Tricky Dick. That was the solution that may have prevented the continuance of the ideological strangle hold, or at least brought it more clearly into focus.Only by Impeachment, trial, and conviction will this current bunch be brought to account. It is imperative that this occur, and that American’s are forced to go through the hard yards and heartache in order to right the wrongs that have been accumulating at an ever increasing rate as we move through the centuries. Though this is the proper course, it will only bring the American’s in-line, not necessarily the other perp’s. America’s Ideologists are a big part of the problems the world faces, but it is not the only one.Until our specie can learn to live together and work toward a common goal of peace and tolerance, meaningful and long term solutions just aren’t gonna happen. Everything starts in your own heart! The basic’s are the key -1. Food – wipe out famine and hunger.2. Education – Teach the children to love not hate.3. Good health – Wipe out Disease and suffering4. Share the benefit’s of Technology – Wipe out those who would use knowledge to control power.5. Quit shitting in our own bed! – protect the planet at all cost!just the tip of the iceburg, but a start. The thing is, with world population where it is, we are rapidly using up all the resources this planet can offer. Our (Humanity’s) existence here is finite as a result unless we can reach solutions to current environmental concerns we will self destruct. As we all live for today, we reduce our chances for tomorrow. I’ll stop there!!!

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