How to Find Yourself (More Than Once)


What does it mean to find yourself?

That’s what life is supposedly about, right? Getting lost so we can find ourselves and have a life worth living?

We did a video discussion on “being yourself” that touches on this topic. We state that you, as a being, are constantly evolving as you gain life experiences and wisdom. Who you are and meant to be isn’t always static.

It seems that the process of finding yourself takes place during your 20’s and 30’s. Rest assured, there is no exact age or deadline you need to find yourself. If we are to go by the statements made in our video about you constantly evolving, then that means you can find yourself multiple times in life. And each time you do, you’re a little better, wiser, and happier.

But…how do you even begin to find yourself? More importantly, how do you know when you’ve found yourself? Even if it happens more than once in your life?

Well first of all, the process involves, ironically, getting “lost” and “experimenting” on yourself. By that, I mean:

  • Putting yourself in new situations
  • Facing your fears
  • Talking to people of all walks of life
  • Learning about other people, places, ideas, and cultures
  • Questioning yourself and your actions
  • Being vulnerable with your emotions
  • Taking people’s opinions and advice intuitively
  • Making mistakes
  • Listening to your heart AND mind
  • Being aware of your passions and doing them as often as you can

The list could go on, but you get the gist. For the most part, you have to venture out of your bubble and see how you react to things. It’s trial and error with a lot of observation and reflection.

Now how do you know when you’ve found yourself?

Finding yourself is one of those things that go by unnoticed until you stop and think about what you’ve done, where you are now, and who you want to be.

Finding yourself is that blissful feeling you get when everything that life has given you seems to have fallen into place.

Finding yourself is a sense of feeling at equilibrium with yourself and everything you’re doing with your life.

Finding yourself is being in tune with your mind and heart.

Finding yourself is accepting yourself.

Finding yourself is being happy with yourself.

However, keep in mind that that equilibrium, synchronicity, and happiness is not something that you can hold onto forever because there are going to be moments when you’re not happy or feel like you’re longing for something more.

That’s because your journey in finding yourself is never finished. Remember, you are constantly evolving. The more you learn, the more you yearn to reinvent yourself.

A good analogy for this is like a hermit crab that constantly has to find a new shell because it’s always growing out of it’s old one. It’s growing by venturing out into the ocean, surviving all the dangers of the wild, and fending for food. The process takes a while and the hermit crab is momentarily vulnerable when it exposes itself to transfer to a newer, bigger, and stronger shell. And the new shells they find are ones that are abandoned by other crustaceans, usually snail shells.

So let’s take a little hint from the hermit crab:

As long as you live life and give it all you’ve got, life will give you yourself. No matter how many times you may find yourself.

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