How to Life Hack Productivity


When we think about being productive, we often think about doing more with less. If you look at Pinterest, BuzzFeed, and the rest of the internet, there are so many mind-blowing life hacks that are quite ingenious. While efficiency is the appeal of productivity, that’s not the perspective we should have on it.

To live a productive life is to live a meaningful life.

In this fast-paced society, we’ve come to have this insatiable need to be able to take on as many tasks as we can. While we strive to always look for ways to take things off our plates so we can add more onto it, productivity isn’t just about consolidation and efficiency.

What productivity boils down to is time. We’re always racing with time, but it always wins in the end. While it’s great that there are so many cool tools, gadgets, hacks, tips and tricks out there that make things faster and easier, productivity isn’t just about speed and organization either.

We often forget that prioritizing and compromising are a big part of productivity as well. What you choose to spend your time on is crucial. No matter how you interpret it, you will always have the same amount of hours, minutes, and seconds each day. Just because you have managed to shave minutes off some task that is most likely trivial or have found a way to make two trips instead of five, it doesn’t mean you are truly productive.

Perhaps we should look at our current notion on productivity in a new way. While we think of it as a means of not wasting time, how about approaching it with a slightly different mindset of making sure that every action has purpose?

Think of your attention and energy as valuable money in a bank. You should want to spend it wisely throughout your life. If you look at it from that mindset, would you rather spend that valuable attention and energy mindlessly flipping through channels or starting on a creative project?

As much as we like to think we can have more time, the truth is, we never will. Our time, attention, and energy are limited in this life. The best way to hack life and be productive in it is to try to eliminate those meaningless, trivial tasks as much as you can. Granted, what tasks you consider trivial and meaningful is completely subjective. But as long as you ensure that everything you do is worthwhile to you, others, and the world, then your time will always be well-spent.

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