I’m Worried About My Future Children

Someday I want children. Preferably one child. Preferably a daughter. Even though that will be in the far distant future for me, I find myself often thinking about what it would be like raising a child then.

I look at the state of society, relationships, pop culture, education, and government, and I wonder what the world will be like for my future child.

What would I have to protect my child from?

What would I have to explain to my child?

What would I have to equip my child with to be a good person?

I don’t want to be one of those parents that shelter their children too much and hold their hand everywhere. I also don’t want to be the kind that aren’t that involved and let their children do whatever. But my parenting skills is not the focus of this blog.

It’s people like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian. Look at the “idols” of today’s generation. Miley Cyrus is already a has-been at 20. The media is more sexed up and bizarre than it’s ever been. I hope I can teach my child that you can’t be famous for nothing, by being a bitch or acting outrageous. You have to work hard, be classy, and know that recognition doesn’t always come in the form of fame and fortune.

It’s shows like Teen Mom, Honey Boo Boo Child, and Real Housewives. Teen pregnancy, young pageantry, and plain stupidity is glorified. If you think about it, we’re creating entertainment at the expense of other people’s lack of knowledge. If I have a girl, there’s so many more issues to address regarding her beauty and knowledge. I hope I can teach her to have ambition and that beauty is an overall idea, not just a look.

It’s the people, websites, and videos that are on the internet. I remember a time when people were…less mean on the internet. Now there’s cyber-bullying, trolls, “challenges”, and god-knows-what available on the internet. I hope I can teach my child to have his/her own mind that is influenced by the right things.

It’s the food, education, and technology that’s driving society. I used to work with kids of all ages for years and I question what they teach at school. It amazes me how education funding is even an issue today. As for food, I’m glad we’re revealing all the malpractices and health risks of the industry. But childhood diabetes and obesity is still an issue. As for technology, it’s good that we’re able to do things we weren’t able to do before. But it’s making our society too fast-paced and impersonal.

I also want to address that I see kids maturing earlier and earlier. They are hitting puberty as early as elementary school (some say it’s the hormones in our food). They are dressing and talking like they’re 5 years older than they are. They are getting into serious relationships at a time when they’re supposed to have “cooties”. It breaks my heart to see kids not being kids. I hope I can teach my child the value of knowledge, exercise, youth, and relationships.

Perhaps I’m just biased towards my own generation and upbringing. As we get older, we tend to think that things were better when we were younger. I’m sure my mom and every parent had these worries. But I feel that there’s much more to worry about now. At this rate, who knows how all of this will have evolved by the time I have my child.

But then again, every generation has its own issues. Back then, the World Wars, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, etc. were going on. If I look at the other side, there are a lot of good people that were raised during those rough times. I guess just as long as I want the best for my child, they will be okay too.

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