My Top 5 Single People Problems


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Being single for most of my young adult life, I thought I’d share some of my top single people problems. Just as there are complications in relationships, there are just as many in being single. The way I see it, the grass is the same shade of green on both sides.

1. Being the third wheel
Single people dislike being the third wheel with a passion. There is nothing even slightly enjoyable about tagging along with couples. Even children don’t like tagging along with their parents sometimes. It makes things awkward when there’s an “A” and “B” conversation going on and the other person has to come up with creative ways to “C” their way out of it. Thank goodness for cell phones. There were a couple times I’ve pretended to text and get fake phone calls when the couple would start showing PDA or talking about something that was none of my business. A message to couples: Have some compassion and don’t let your single friends be the third wheel. That’s just not cool.

2. Friends asking for relationship advice
Single people have a more objective view when it comes to giving relationship advice. So I can see why it would be beneficial to someone who is too blinded by love. However, ranting and seeking someone to agree with you about your relationship problems is one thing. Asking for relationship advice from someone who is not in a relationship and then telling them that they don’t understand because they’re not in one can be very exasperating.

3. Constant questions about the love life
Just as we have the choice to be in a relationship, we also have the choice to be single. Not everyone HAS to be in a relationship. There is no time limit either. So they can stay single as long as they want without any justification. Let them work on themselves and enjoy their individuality. As Kelly Clarkson said in Stronger, “Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.” Constantly asking if they’ve met anyone yet or why they are still single is like them asking you if you’re going to break up anytime soon. Don’t worry, their time will come and there will be no need to ask them about their relationship status when it does. Patience, my taken friends.

4. Friends trying to play matchmaker
Going off of the previous problem, some friends take it to the next level and try to match their single friend up with someone. Or worse, set up an online dating account for them. While they appreciate your concern, again, their time will come. Unless they specifically asked you to hook them up with one of your friends or you’re hooking them up with the doppleganger of some hot celebrity, don’t do it. They most likely will not have the heart to turn down your offer and go on a sour date that will force them to stay single even longer.

5. Moments of lost pride and dignity
The longer single people are “out of touch,” the more they mistake kind gestures for flirting. It happens to the best of us, especially from a pure attraction level. Sometimes it drives them crazy overanalyzing an attractive person buying them lunch or a nice person walking them out. Then it sometimes escalates to the primal instincts taking over and weakening their pride and dignity. It can get to the point where they’ll just go out with anyone, possibly go home with someone decent who will do the job, or call their ex. It takes a lot of distraction, ice cream, chocolate, movies, drinks, and will power to snap out of it and regain their pride and dignity. That’s hard work if you ask me.

There you have it. Please share other Single People Problems I have missed in the comments!


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  1. “Constantly asking if they’ve met anyone yet or why they are still single is like them asking you if you’re going to break up anytime soon.” That is a great point! I have never been guilty of doing this, but I have known so many people who have been victims to this kind of attitude. Not everyone is actively looking to be in a relationship so their friends should leave them alone about it!

  2. Lacey Smith says:

    Currently, I am single and loving it! I’ve dealt with each one of these problems that you’ve listed and the worst is #3. People just don’t seem to believe me when I tell them that I’m single because I WANT to be; they look at me like “why would anyone WANT to be single?”. My best friend is married with 2 kids and she nags me all the time about it, finally I made her read a book I read called “The Club Rules” by Johnny Mac After she read that she actually told me that she was a little bit jealous that she wasn’t single! It’s definitely a book I’d recommend to other singles; the author has a website that coincides with the book, Thanks for this great post!

    • Ronnell Morris says:

      Thank you for the kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed and relate to this post. That’s great you’re spreading the word about being okay with being single. I’ll have to check out that book some time. Carry on single lady!

  3. when you are invited to attend some event and you dont have a partner and asking someone to attend with you may give them the wrong impression of your interest in them.

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