The Best Friend I Never Had


“Ronnell, please write your name on the yellow board.”

I’m in trouble again in Ms.Quarrel’s class for talking during independent reading. Yesterday was for laughing during writer’s workshop. The recess bell rings. I slowly walk to the back of the classroom building and watch my classmates play four square and jump rope. This is nothing new to me. Almost every day at recess is like this.


The school bell rings for the last time today and I pace even slower to the front of the school to wait by myself again to get another lecture on why Ms.Quarrel’s called home again. All the buses are gone and I share silence with two other kids waiting 10 feet away. Then he comes. A burst of cool air brushing my hair away forcing me to look up. Immediately feeling his presence all around me I say, “Hi.” It all stops when my mom pulls up.


The next day at recess, I play by myself even though my name was not on the yellow board. There he was again. A little bit stronger and cooler than yesterday. His ocean-like voice is the friendliest thing I’ve ever heard and it was the start of a breathtaking friendship. He doesn’t care if no one knows about him, just as long as I’m here to talk to him. All he needs is a friend and I’m the only one who values his presence.


Today is a hot day. I tell him how hot I am and like the caring friend he is, he bursts me with the coldest air you could wish for on a sweltering day like today. When I told him I wasn’t hot anymore, he listened and slowed down. The next day is even hotter so I tell him to move the clouds to cover the sun. In five minutes, the whole playground is shaded. It’s amazing what a friend does for you. Everyday I tell him everything that goes on in my mind and it’s a breath of fresh air for someone to understand.


It’s March and today is the day I’m going to tell my new best friend. Alyssa is the new girl in class and I think he could be her friend too. At recess, I ask him to cool Alyssa and I down. He gave us both a huge gust of air and when I told him to stop, he did. With a smile on both our faces, I know she likes him too! I tell her that he doesn’t like to have too many friends, which means we can’t tell anyone else about him. It’s true, too many best friends causes trouble.


It’s May and I don’t get in trouble anymore so I can play with Alyssa during recess everyday. We play games on the monkey bars and talk about everything. Just me and my best friend Alyssa.


I never thought about him after that. I don’t know how I could just forget a surreal friend like him. Having gone through so many friends over the years, no one doesn’t quite compare to him. When I was strangely reminded of him some years later, I stood outside and called him. But the cool air blowing against my cheek wasn’t him, it was just the wind.


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