What is True Love?

Image Credit: arttrans.com.au

Image Credit: arttrans.com.au

Lust vs Love. Love vs In Love. Romantic Love vs Platonic Love.

With so many different ways to love, one type of love baffles me the most – true love.

True Love’s What?!

As a Disney fanatic and a sucker for chick flicks, I grew up hearing and believing in “one true love” and “true love’s kiss” without questioning their merit. It seemed nothing short of knowing you’ve found “the one.” But then, the very people who drilled this romanticized ideal in my head released Frozen and Maleficent, proposing that true love does not have to be romantic at all.

Image Credit: jezebel.com

Image Credit: jezebel.com

Love is already complex with all of its layers, weird feelings, and crazy stages. And I’m not even sure I know much about love to begin with. Now everything I kinda sorta knew about it seems about as true as the tales they came from.

So if true love can be shared with a sister or a motherly figure, then is that unconditional love? What makes true love so… pure? Moreso, how do you know when you’ve found it? Is it a gut feeling? What about all that science behind compatibility and attraction? Or is it something deeper that cannot be explained?

A Loss of Words

In E.B. White’s book Is Sex Necessary?: Or Why You Feel the Way You Do, he argues that the problem as to why people find themselves asking, “am I in love, or am I merely inflamed by passion?” is because we can’t define love. Even after experiencing love, we have a hard time explaining what it is.

Image Credit: Amazon

Image Credit: Amazon

Many authors, philosophers, essayists, and the like have given their own interpretations of love for centuries. But abiding by this unsaid mutual agreement on the definition of love is ill-advised because having preconceived notions about love will only make it more difficult to experience. After all, it’s not meant to be as smooth as a fairytale.

The Love Triangle

Psychologist Robert Sternberg broke down true love into three parts: passion, intimacy, and commitment. The most important part in his triangular theory of love is commitment; it’s the defining element that separates the different labels of love. We can all agree that the more you are willing to commit to a person regardless of time, quirks, habits, arguments, circumstances, etc., the more you care for and love them.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Love is Strange

Maybe true love is a willingness to understand and embrace a person for who they are for the long-term. Maybe true love is an unexplainable connection and attraction you share with someone. Maybe true love is more than a bewildering flurry of emotions.

Maybe true love is not meant to be defined at all.

“The fact of the matter is, it’s very difficult to tell love from passion. My advice to anyone who doesn’t feel sure of the difference between them is either to give them both up or quit trying to split hairs.” – E.B. White

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