Why We Need To Obsess Over Things


In some ways, your obsessions define you – they’re what make you unique. If you choose to express them, they become your identifier and sometimes make you memorable. Then when you get over them, they are dismissed as a “phase” in your life. Nonetheless, they still helped defined who you are today.

Everyone has obsessions on different levels whether we like to admit it or not. It’s what you’re obsessing about that deems it unhealthy and dangerous, especially if it involves some sort of harm. For example, plastic surgery, drugs, alcohol, and sex. No bueno. However, what counts as harmful is subjective too…

Then you have those obsessions that define your behavior like having a crush, partying, traveling, organizing, etc. Then you have those pop culture obsessions that define your taste and groups like TV series, movies, celebrities, characters, etc. Then you have those that define your personality like colors, objects, food, animals, etc.

But let’s go on a much larger scale of obsessions like art, cooking, music, writing, technology, politics, and business. I’m talking about obsessing over an idea.

What are obsessions but having a passion for something?

We could say Steven Spielberg was obsessed with film; Steve Jobs with technology; Albert Einstein with math and science; Thomas Edison with invention; Vincent Van Gogh with painting; Leonardo Da Vinci with…everything.

Obsession makes us do the unimaginable. Just as people would go to great lengths to collect memorabilia of an era or get a tattoo of a musician’s face or buy all things in a certain color when they’re obsessed, that same drive can push us to do the unthinkable for the greater good on a much larger scale.

Mankind runs on obsessions. We’re obsessed with freedom, knowledge, exploration, money, fame, technology, and innovation. They’re what propel us to continue to reach new heights and prosper. If Steve Jobs and Bill Gates didn’t obsess about technology; If Henry Ford didn’t obsess about cars; If Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t obsess about justice, where would we be today?

In order to make an idea come into fruition or accomplish a goal, you have to be obsessed about it. It takes a level of addiction to persevere against adversaries. You need to be consumed with the need to share it with others so that they’ll obsess with you. Whether it’s becoming a writer, inventing the next big thing, or changing your community, you have to want it like an addiction.

So take note of your obsessions (the non-destructive ones), they’re a big clue into what you should and can achieve.

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  1. I completely agree! I have an obsession with music and photography, which is why I created Moshlounge. It’s that obsession that will make my passions successful. Thanks for this post!

    • Ronnell Morris says:

      You’re welcome! That’s great that your obsession with music and photography has made you think of a way to combine them together. That is a perfect example of the power of the human mind and obsession! Keep it up!

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