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Let the Moment Seize You

DISCLAIMER: THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS BLOG ABOUT THE FILM BOYHOOD. This past year, director Richard Linklater released a film different than any movie previously made.  In 2002, Linklater casted six-year-old Ellar Coltrane to star in his film Boyhood.  For the following twelve years, they shot the most organic coming-of-age movie, as the protagonists and setting aged before the … Read More

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In support of Olivewood Garden’s cause for natural and healthy eating, we asked kids and families why it’s important to try new foods. Check out Olivewood Gardens:

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NWYT’s 1 Year Anniversary

For our 1 year anniversary, we compiled quotes from the various blogs and vlogs we have posted throughout the past year into this inspirational video that … Read More

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5 Reasons Why Crafting is a Lifestyle

Crafting can be a lifestyle.  Or it's my lifestyle, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say crafting IS a lifestyle.  My artsy-fartsy parents encouraged creative hobbies, so as a result my sister can doodle anything off the top of her head and I can craft my way out of anything as … Read More

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6 Reasons You Should be Friends With a Writer

Whether it’s in advertising, journalism, or literature, the life of a writer is filled with little idiosyncrasies the world has to deal with. Hence, you need a certain je ne sais quoi to befriend one. For the most part, you’ll find us entertaining and interesting. Being friends … Read More

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Of Records and Reflections

Community is often found through things like social movements and soup kitchens; I found it through my brother’s interest in vinyls. My brother, being the avid collector that he is, started to get into buying vinyls for their designs. When he first started, I found it amusing … Read More

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Is Today’s Pop Music Tomorrow’s Folk Music?

In 2004, Oprah caught up with leadsinger/songwriter/activist Bono from the band U2 for an interview.  In the beginning of their conversation, Bono opened up about his views on “eternal music”—music that transcends any genre or time period. “What I like about pop music, and why … Read More


Can We Save This Generation From the #Selfie?

Something happened in this generation that I can’t seem to fathom. Between the over-sharing on social networks and the convenience of technology, the “selfie” was born. And it is a rather disturbingly accurate representation of how this generation behaves. Granted, … Read More

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Sharing Meals Fosters Community

What does every gathering need?  There’s people, to begin with—that somewhat goes with its definition.  But everything else is somewhat relative to the event.  You wouldn’t bring music to a symposium… per se.  You wouldn’t bring powerpoint slides to a family reunion.  However, … Read More

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Telling Women What to Wear and Telling Men Not to Rape

Growing up, myself along with most of the girls in America have been taught to not wear clothes that are too “revealing” or “sexual.” Schools told us skirts had to be below the fingertips, no showing of the mid-drift, and no low-cut or see-through shirts. Of course, “revealing” … Read More

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Evergreen Hits: The Value of Storytelling in Music

Ever since humanity has learned to speak, storytelling has been an integral part of music.  While campfire stories are enjoyable, singing a song about a deed helps immortalize an event—especially if the music accompanying the story is captivating.  Heroes can remain as heroes not … Read More


Why I Stopped Complaining About My “Strict Asian Parents”

Whether we’re Asian, Mexican, Italian, Jewish, Black or whatever, we’ve complained about our parents at some point. But Asians in particular have been stereotyped with these ridiculously strict parenting practices. And I can attest to empathizing with my fellow second generation … Read More

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On Relevancy and Classics

Lately I’ve been struggling with the idea of relevance.  A relevant topic is bound to gather attraction, no matter how silly or thought-provoking it may be. Take Godzilla.  When we think of Godzilla, we just think of a reptilian monster that destroys Tokyo.  Maybe we might … Read More

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To All the Girls Who Act like Boys

Dear Girls of the World, Gender roles are fading away.  Girls are not solely thought of as prissy, fragile homemakers whose sole job is to bear and raise the kids.  Girls can do many things boys can nowadays from their jobs to their dirty work, and not even bat an eye.  Just … Read More

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Positive Thinking Will Only Get You So Far

In 2006, the best-selling self-help book The Secret made its debut, catching the attention of Oprah Winfrey and selling millions worldwide. It’s based on the law of attraction, which was first a scientific discovery of particles being attracted to other particles of the same … Read More

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Beyond the Canvas: How Artists Can Better Appreciate Art

  I recall back in college the number of music majors who thought about their trade and only their trade.  Their conversations would only be about opera.  Their friends would only be music majors.  Their newsfeeds would only pertain to music.  I recall some of them … Read More

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Enough With the Small Talk

When a family member, friend, or stranger asks you the question, “how are you,” do either of the following replies automatically come out of your mouth? “I’m fine. You?” “Good.” Does small talk always have to have small answers? Granted, asking “how are you” is also … Read More

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