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Being Smart About Quick Wit

We've all been there.  A bully picks on you and you're too scared to fight back even with words.  Maybe a bit of repartee would put them in their place.  Those witty catch phrases and/or put-downs written in scripts and books alike turn the tables on any situation for the opponent.  If only we could think like those writers or easy-whited acquaintances in our lives.  Ever had a … Read More

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As we make technological and societal progress to do more with less, what has become of our productive culture?

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Why Do Artists Have to Move to be Successful?

I have lived in San Diego my whole life and have met some truly artistic people.  All my friends in high school were involved in the arts in one way or another. … Read More

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Impatience Can Be a Virtue

In many aspects of life, I strive to be a patient person: The wait in a long line, for instance, goes by pretty quick if you’ve got friends, music, or maybe even just something you’ve needed to mull over on your own. Family might be crazy and demanding, but in the end you … Read More

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Interstellar: Fighting For What You Love

DISCLAIMER: THIS BLOG CONTAINS SPOILERS ABOUT THE FILM INTERSTELLAR Last Friday, director Christopher Nolan released his latest work Interstellar.  While on the surface this film is about traveling through a wormhole to find a new habitable world, at its core it’s a love story … Read More


NWYT Recap & Review: Takeaways From TEDxSanDiego 2014

Note: We will add videos of the talks as soon as they are on YouTube. On November 8, 2014, the NWYT Team joined 1,300 attendees to learn, laugh, question, think, and experience talks from local thought leaders at our first TEDxSanDiego event. The conference’s theme this year … Read More

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The Value of Doing Nothing

In this fast-paced society, if you’re not doing something, you’re not productive. This includes every hour, every minute of your waking life. There’s always people to see, work to be done, places to be visited, money to be spent, etc. You can’t waste time being idle. I am … Read More

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Stop Playing Around with Labels Like “Gamer Girls” (Plus Halloween Bonus Game!)

So, I hear there’s this whole thing about “gamer girls.” This implies that girls, no matter the circumstance, will always be inferior and less-knowledgeable video game players than their male counterparts. I’ve grown up around video games and have been playing them since I was … Read More

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The Pros and Cons of Our Consolidating Culture

In 2005, I came across an Apple advertisement juxtaposing an iPod with a stack of CDs.  While iPods are immensely popular today, Apple was still trying to get stragglers on their bandwagon.  One of their proponents: consolidation.  As the advertisement portrays in its Apple-esque … Read More

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Why Some of the Funniest People Battle the Darkest Demons

After Robin Williams’ death this past summer, it appalled me to see people shocked that a comedian would commit suicide. What, why?! He seemed so happy. He was so funny. First of all, we don’t know what inner turmoil he was going through. Second, the fact that he was a comedian … Read More

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Minimalism Is Not ‘Emptyism’

Last March, I dipped my toe into the minimalism pool with this post on how to purge clutter and embrace simplicity available on my What Mandy Thinks blog.  A year and a half later, I've moved locations again (my reason for starting this minimalism kick), rearranged my wardrobe … Read More

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4 Things I Learned Volunteering in a Hospital

During my college career, I did a lot of volunteering. It was my bread and butter, really. I enjoy meeting lots of people, and I like that I’m helping out and (hopefully!) leaving a positive impact. As a result, one of my favorite volunteering programs was UCLA Care … Read More

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Tales of the Tremor: What I Learned from the South Napa Earthquake

Last month, from the 22nd to the 25th, a group of us drove from San Diego to Napa for a friend’s birthday celebration.  While it was a great time of friendship and community, everything radically shifted on the morning of the birthday.  If you follow the national news, you know … Read More

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