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Calling All Adults: Volunteer More!

No matter who you are, what you do, or what you think you have, there's always someone out there worse off. That's what motivates / guilts me daily! How do I cope with this up and down? Helping those less fortunate any way I can. One of those ways is VOLUNTEERING. Kid Mandy used to volunteer a lot through food banks, the Forest Service, and the Girl Scouts. While these … Read More

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Has the coveted American Dream changed in the 21st century and is it still attainable?

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Why Do We Take Selfies?

We asked people of all generations and walks of life what the deal is with selfies. Read "Can We Save This Generation From the #Selfie?" here: … Read More

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Art Inspires Life (Or, Why Art vs. Science is a False Dichotomy)

So, it’s 2015. You know what that means, right? It means, this is the year we get our flying cars, Black & Decker food hydrators, and of course, our hoverboards! …well, we only got one of those but the year’s still young. But really, this new milestone does bring up … Read More


Sit Still Already

Today I sat, staring out at the harbour. The sun gleaming down on the water and the wind gently pushing through my open window. I turned my car off, stared out towards the vast sea and in that moment without any thinking I pulled my legs up sat straight and closed my eyes. This … Read More

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The Most Beautiful Thing On Earth

I cannot think of anything more evil than divorce.  I’m not merely talking about marital divorce, but rather any great separation from those we love or have loved—be it through falling out, break-up, legal divorce, or death—is the clearest portrayal of Hell on Earth.  If you … Read More

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You Have Nothing to Lose

Taking calculated risks is hard, let alone risks in general. I’m not talking about risking your life on drugs, criminal activity, or death. I’m talking about applying for that school or job you’re doubting you’ll get. I’m talking about pursuing that passionate business or hobby … Read More

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Why I Love (and Hate) Birthdays

As another year comes to a close, there's a Baby New Year celebrating a birthday.  And so is the author of this particular blog post. I was born Amanda Christina Norman at 8:48am on December 31st, 1989 with no idea how rough yet wonderful it will be to be born on such a day. … Read More

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Your Occupation is to Live Life

There is a fundamental lack of direction that many people are forced to grow up with. It becomes apparent when we are given the blueprint, to the path, we should take once we become young adults. Many are taught that our duties in life are to secure a full time job, as soon as … Read More

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Our Life is Not on a Strict Schedule (And How Monsters U Taught Me That)

CAUTION: This blog discusses movie spoilers. If you haven’t seen Monster’s University yet, you might want to check it out first, it’s definitely worth a watch. When I was younger I was concerned with being prepared, with keeping up, and with hitting the right milestones at the … Read More

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Why is Monday Dreaded?

Why is it that Mondays are universally dreaded? There is nothing inherently wrong with a Monday. A Monday purely signifies the beginning of the work week. Friday, on the other hand signifies the ending of the work week. Dreading Mondays only arises when you do not like what you … Read More

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The Problem With Being “Gifted”

I have trouble with the term “gifted.”  I’ve been given this label since 2nd grade after taking merely one test.  I was a GATE kid.  I was talented. Granted, I understand why this label was bestowed upon me.  It was a key to access teachers that could better my learning.  It … Read More

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Let Other People Make Mistakes For You

In my 20-something years of living, people have always mistaken me for being older than my real age despite how I (ironically) look younger. (I like to thank my Asian genes for the latter.) And despite how much of a kid at heart I am, people think I’m older in age because of “how … Read More

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Being Smart About Quick Wit

We've all been there.  A bully picks on you and you're too scared to fight back even with words.  Maybe a bit of repartee would put them in their place.  Those witty catch phrases and/or put-downs written in scripts and books alike turn the tables on any situation for the … Read More

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Impatience Can Be a Virtue

In many aspects of life, I strive to be a patient person: The wait in a long line, for instance, goes by pretty quick if you’ve got friends, music, or maybe even just something you’ve needed to mull over on your own. Family might be crazy and demanding, but in the end you … Read More

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