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Are Tattoos No Longer Taboo?

When my happy-go-lucky liberal parents were kids, those who chose body art like tattoos had a shadow cast upon them. Tattoos were for thugs, criminals, and "loose" individuals regardless of the symbolism, amount, or size of the design(s). A tattoo was a "taboo" thing that only taboo people wanted. It was harder to get a job with a tattoo. It was harder to earn respect. A lot of the … Read More

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What does Snapchat and the like say about our culture?

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Memoirs of a Thinker: Channeling Being Nervous

Being nervous is a good thing because it means you care. … Read More

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Math & Me: The Complicated Formula for Finding Love

I’ve never been great at math. Sure, the average arithmetic and algebra make (enough) sense to me, but anxiety sets in when the subject turns to statistics. Ask me to convert a z score to an x value given a certain probability or what the degrees of freedom are from an … Read More


Why Does the 21st Century Suck At [Post-]Labels?

Is it just me, or does the 21st century confuse everyone greatly?  Take the ideas of labels, for example.  Titles, boundaries, statuses—if anything, this era takes great pride in doing away with these pieces of frivolous nonsense.  That said, not only does our generation have its … Read More

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I’m Not Undateable, Everyone Else Is

Every time I visit my grandparents, they never fail to ask me if I have a boyfriend. My answer 95% of the time is, “no.” My answer also never fails to perplex them because they don’t see why I can’t just find someone. That’s just it, though. I can’t just find someone. The more I … Read More

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What Happened to Common Courtesy?

Maybe I'm too old-fashioned,well-rounded, and open-minded. Maybe I care about what other people think more than most.  Maybe I'm in the minority, but what ever happened to common courtesy? It used to be everywhere around me, in some places more than others.  I've lived in … Read More

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Exhausted and Anxious

Exhausted and anxious. Tired and scared. Confused and lost. These are the words that describe most people. Which explains their need to be told what to do. They’re tired, scared, and lost. They just want to sit back and not think. They want to be told what to do. They accept … Read More

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When Charting Out the Big Picture, Don’t Forget to Include the Legend

If you’ve never taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), it basically boils down your personality to four categories. These categories are represented through an abbreviation, like INTJ or ESFP. Each letter represents a preference between opposing categories: Extroversion … Read More

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Forget Banning Bossy. Be A Boss Instead.

First, Sheryl Sandberg asked women to lean in, and I’m all for that. Now, she’s asking people to ban the word bossy from their vocabulary, and I just can’t get behind it. First of all, there’s not enough research to confirm that the word bossy is indeed correlated to … Read More

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Why Friendships Are Hard to Maintain After College

Friendships change as a post-graduate.  This seems to be a running theme for everyone who has been through the education system for over 15 years.  Friendships that were formed through the forging of classrooms tend to fall apart on the wayside.  This is not caused by arguments … Read More

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This is What Happens When You Budget

Oh what an ugly, foreign word "budget" can be.  Even to adults like you in the real world who have (or don't have much) money yet still get by without one.  Budgeting always sounded restricting, like I was doing something wrong.  Restricting spending in order to do... what?  Save … Read More

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To All the Night Owls Who Can’t be Early Risers

The early bird catches the worm. Well that sucks for us night owls, doesn’t it? In fact, societal norms don’t favor nocturnal people. We’re associated with being too lazy to get things done and/or being insane for doing god-knows-what in the wee hours of the night. While our … Read More

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In the Name of Efficiency

When it comes to work ethic and career, I’ve been given two slightly conflicting pieces of advice: 1. “Treat your job as if you want to be in that job for the rest of your life; if you put your all into it, people will want to put you in better places.” 2. “Excel only at … Read More

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Why You Should Stop Calling Yourself “Undateable”

Every Valentine’s Day, it seems like cynics are suddenly everywhere. I’m surrounded by people getting ready to celebrate “Singles’ Awareness Day” and scoffing at those who are in a relationship. Which is fine. If you happen to be single on Valentine’s Day, why not take the … Read More

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